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Visiofocus Pro - Non Contact Thermometer

Advantages of VISIOFOCUS® Pro

  • Exclusive patented aiming system guarantees correct point and distance.
  • Projection of the temperature on the forehead and correct distance
  • Face button automatically adjusts forehead temperature to the environment (room) temperature for accurate result.
  • Exclusive and patented AQCS and MQCS systems to maintain correct and constant temperature of device during long periods of use or when moving between rooms with different temperatures.
  • Highly Accurate: based on the above 4 exclusive points.
  • Clinically tested: in Hospitals and Universities around the world.
  • Totally Hygienic for patients and users: no touch & no disposables.
  • NO LASER: absolutely safe for patients, travellers and users.
  • CE, FDA, Koseisho, TGA, CFDA and other APPROVALS.
  • Widely used in 2014 for Ebola
  • Instantaneous: gives temperature in less than 1 second.
  • Highly Versatile: can take temperature of up to 1,000 travellers per hour.
  • Very low cost of using thanks to the long battery life and speed of measurement that allows to reduce the number of thermometers and of operators.
  • Made in Italy in the factory in a temperature-controlled room and with automatic implantations that assure very high quality and very high flexibility.

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VisioFocus® Pro

VisioFocus® Pro - the evolution of Thermofocus®, the first
non-contact thermometer in the world - is the most advanced medical
thermometer working at distance.

06480Non-contact, infrared, digital thermometer

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