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Infant Care And Maternity

We can provide you with a large range of infant care and maternity products including:

Atom Dual Incu-i Hybrid Warmer Incubator
Atom Incu-i Incubator
Atom Air Incu-i Incubator
Atom NeoCot Neonatal Portable Bassinette
Atom Infa Warmer-i
Atom Sunflower Resuscitation Warmers
Atom Sunflower Warmer - Wall Mount
Atom V-707 Infant Transport Incubator
Atom V-808 Infant Transport Incubator
Atom Phototherapy Units
Atom Phototherapy Analyser II
NeoGuard 3000 Neonatal Resuscitator
Atom Resusciflow resuscitation unit
Atom Infant Incubator Microfilters
Atom Sunflower Resuscitation Warmer Accessories
Atom Incubator and Warmer Accessories
i-Puff® Disposable Infant Resuscitation Circuit
Infant Resuscitation Circuits
Parker Sil-Flex™ - Silicone Fixation Tape
Preemie Muffs™ Premature Neonatal Ear Covers
NeoSmart Cannula ®
IV Armboards
Neonatal Spo2 Probe Covers - Securing Straps
EyeMax 2 Phototherapy Eyeshades
Parker Disposable NIBP Cuffs
Disposable Neonatal Skin Temperature Probe Cover
Neonatal and Paediatric Radio-translucent ECG Electrodes
Umbilical Clamp Cutter
Umbilical Clamps
LifeDop - Handheld Doppler Ultrasound System
Atom S1235 Syringe Pump
SpO2 Sensors
Infant Nasal CPAP
Atom Baby Stethoscopes
Equinox Advantage Analgesic Unit
Gas-Evac Nitrous Oxide Scavenge Device
MAXO2 Oxygen Monitor
MicroMax Air/O2 Blender
Oxygen Analysers and Monitors
Handi+ Disposable Analyser and Sensor
Maxtec Air and Oxygen Blenders and Mixers
MAXO2+ A Oxygen Analyser (with internal sensor)
MAXO2+ AE Oxygen Analyser (with external sensor)
UltraMaxO2 Oxygen Analyser for Oxygen Concentrators
MaxBlend2 Air/Oxygen Blender, Oxygen Analyser and Flowmeter
Transcutaneous Jandice Meter

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