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Parker Pet Competition

The Winners of our 2020-2021 Parker Pet Competition have been chosen, the winners are...

(The winners will be revealed on the 1st of each month during the 2020-2021 financial year.)

July 2020



  • Breed: Siberian Husky
  • Age: 7 Years
  • Favourite Toy: Red Ball
  • Short Story: This is Toba, I've had him since he was 12 weeks old and he is my best buddy. He has such a big personality and loves whining when he doesn't get his way.

August 2020



  • Breed: Beagle
  • Age: 5 Years
  • Favourite Toy: Ropes
  • Short Story: Maggie is a 5 year old Beagle who's been mistaken as 5 months old whenever we take her to the dog park. She is a very happy and alsways a playful dog. On the other hand, she is very obedient at home and would obey what we say. She loves pulling her rope toy for hours and play chase in the backyard. She loves her walks 2-3 times a week.

September 2020



  • Breed: Koolie x Border Collie
  • Age: 10 Years
  • Favourite Toy: Balls, squeaky and more balls
  • Short Story: Rescue dog from the age of 5 weeks old. Tragic start to life but what a beautiful, loyal girl with excellent manners. We have lots of adventures together.

October 2020



  • Breed: Red & Cream Burmese
  • Age: 9 Years
  • Favourite Toy: Feathers and nail file
  • Short Story: He is cross eyed with hardly any teeth only a mother could love him ( and I do). He loves to go out for a walk everyday on a lead and harness and plays with the children in the park. He loves cuddles and having his tummy tickled. Heston lives with his big sister Scarlet. His only negative feature is he snores really badly needs a CPAP machine- do you make one for cats!!!!!!