Parker Healthcare (ABN 43 006 420 364) hereafter known as "the Company".

  1. All goods purchased in Australia, with the exception of Furniture and orders under $200.00 are delivered Free Into Store (F.I.S.) (unless otherwise agreed in writing). All goods purchased outside Australia, are supplied at ex-factory prices (unless otherwise agreed in writing).
  2. All products delivered to On-sellers and Distributors are supplied at ex-Factory Melbourne prices (unless otherwise agreed in writing).
  3. All risks in the products not delivered F.I.S., shall pass to the "Purchaser" when the product leaves the "Company" store and from that point, regardless of how delivery is affected, any insurance shall be the purchaser's responsibility. Please state Insurance Open Policy number on confirmation order.
  4. All orders must meet the "Company's" minimum order value of $200.00. Any order under this limit will attract a "Minimum Order Fee" to the value of the difference between the order and $200.00.
  5. Quoted prices are valid for the period stated on your official Parker Healthcare quotation and are subject to changes in exchange rates, supplier price increases or increases in duty on imported products.
  6. Verbal prices quoted are subject to change without notice and are recommended prices only.
  7. All orders must be confirmed in writing.
  8. All claims for short delivery will only be recognized if made in writing 48 hours from date of delivery.
  9. The "Company" takes no responsibility for incorrect freight methods when freight details are not clearly advised at time of ordering and marked on the confirmation order.
  10. Payment is strictly as per stated on your Parker Healthcare official quotation or invoice. It is the option of the "Company" to charge an interest fee of 18.0% p.a. on all amounts outstanding after the specified period.
  11. Title to the products shall not pass to the "Purchaser" until the full invoice price has been received by the "Company". The "Purchaser" shall hold the products solely as bailee, returnable on demand, pending passing of title.
  12. A Goods Return Authorisation Number must be requested from the "Company" prior to any item being returned for any reason. This number MUST accompany all documentation and all items returned to the "Company" Stores. The "Company" reserves the right to refuse acceptance of returned items not bearing this authorisation number.
  13. A 20% minimum restocking charge will apply to all goods returned due to an ordering error by the "Purchaser". Freight on returned goods will be the responsibility of the "Purchaser". Goods held for more than seven (7) days from date of sale will not be accepted for return.
  14. Goods supplied as a special make or a one off requirement will not be accepted for return under any circumstances.
  15. An official "company" approval number must be quoted when requesting payment for any repairs carried out by an approved Repairer.
  16. Disposable products are sold in box quantities.
  17. Should a standing order be cancelled or reduced in any significant way, the "Company" reserves the right to recover the costs of any 'no charge' items previously delivered as part of the existing standing order arrangement.
  18. Where a customer changes the requested delivery date of an order, payment for the goods is required to be made in accordance with the approved credit terms of the customer, using the original dispatch date as invoice date. Furthermore, if the goods are required to be stored for an extended period, the "Company" reserves the right to charge a holding fee .
  19. Effective from Friday 27th March 2020, Parker Healthcare will not accept returns or offer a refund for change of mind purchases for products that have been overordered. Returns for faulty products will be accepted as per our normal terms and conditions.

If you have any questions regarding these terms and conditions, please contact us