The Winners of our 2022 Parker Pet Competition have been chosen, the winners are...



January 2022
Breed: Cavoodle
Age: 14 weeks
Favourite Toy: Stuffed Toy Llama
Short Story: Maisie has the most beautiful puppy dog eyes and a lovely nature. She loves cuddles and following us around the house. She is a big fan of water and is often caught splashing about in her water bowl.
Nigel Lovell II


February 2022
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Age: 4 Years
Favourite Toy: Mice
Short Story: Cricket was an 8 month old ex street cat who had had at least 1 litter of kittens when I fostered, failed, and adopted her. She is the love of the life of my 10 year old Staffy Kelpie X Lily. With a huge disparity in sizing, 6kgs vs 30kgs, Cricket is still the head of the furbaby household.


March 2022
Breed: Pug X Cavalier
Age: 6 Years
Favourite Toy: Beanie Bear
Short Story: Romsie was a rescue dog from a pug farm. She was a bit anxious at first, but has come quite a long way and enjoys her life. She sleeps with a pink Beanie Bear that she loves and has quite a big attitude for her little frame.


April 2022
Breed: French Bulldog
Age: 2.75 years
Favourite Toy: Ball
Short Story: Humphrey's favourite things to do are eat, sleep, play ball and explore. His favourite food is BBQ chicken. He alerts mummy and daddy to the presence of others through his use of the "Humphrey Howl", a deep vocalisation that is unique to him. He has enriched our lives and we love him dearly.


May 2022
Breed: Cavoodle
Age: 1 Year
Favourite Toy: Any cardboard box
Short Story: We bought Meg after much consideration as to how she would fit into our family. We now, 12 months later, could not live without her. She has brought such happiness and peace to our family that she is as valued as everyone else in our home. Although she does rule the roost.


June 2022
Breed: British Shorthair
Age: 4 Years
Favourite Toy: Food Wrappers
Short Story: There is a fat cat who lives in Darwin, Churchill is his name. He's hoping to be in the Parker Healthcare calendar, as he loves food as much as fame. He is fed a gourmet diet twice a day, which gives him all the energy to play, and if he's not on a month in your calendar, he will find this to be such a shame.


July 2022
Breed: : Border Collie
Age: 11 Years
Favourite Toy: Squeaky Ones
Short Story: Ryder was rescued from a domestic violence situation at 18 months. He was scared of everything! He has blossomed with love, care and lots of patience. He will shake anybody's hand with encouragement from mum. He also lives with and continues to overcome congenital arthritis and joint conditions but despite all that pain he never stops smiling.


August 2022
Breed: German Shepherd
Age: 1 Year
Favourite Toy: Squeaky Rubber Chicken
Short Story: Ziva arrived late one night in her own little box, so small and so scared, but once she was in my daughters arms she changed. We all fell in love with her that second she came into our lives, she's my third child. Now she weighs about 30kg and is the most beautiful girl ever.


September 2022
Breed: Chihuahua X Maltese
Age: 3 Years
Favourite Toy: Anything she can take from her sister!
Short Story: Lilly knows how to wrap me around her little finger! She loves being the centre of attention and she breaks hearts wherever she goes. She's always after a snuggle and loves nothing more than being with her humans.


October 2022
Breed: Domestic Medium Hair
Age: 4 months
Favourite Toy: Moving Fish
Short Story: : Floyd is a rescue cat who has fitted into our family famously. He is fun and has a real FOMO on anything! He is playful but loves cuddling up to you, especially once you get into bed. He's very outgoing and loves to be outside. He is known to walk around our building on our 10th floor window sill lucky he's sure footed.
Missy & Mylo

Missy & Mylo

November 2022
Breed: Maltese Shitzu & Daschund Cavalier
Age: 4 years & 7 months
Favourite Toy: Anything
Short Story: When my son visits both dogs greet him like a long lost friend. On one occasion he was paying too much attention to Missy so Mylo thought he would get in on the act.


Decenber 2022
Breed: Moodle
Age: 15 Months
Favourite Toy: Tennis Ball
Short Story: Meet Clover, our little Moodle! Her mottos in life are two: 1. It's mine and 2. Everybody adores me! Her passion is her tennis balls. Although weighing in at just 4 kgs, she bounds through each day like a bull in a china shop! Life would not be the same without her and our family would not be complete without her.