Parker Healthcare Pty Ltd understands the importance of good healthcare. To support this, Parker is dedicated to supplying the latest innovate, high quality respiratory, anaesthesia, infant care, maternity, emergency and ICU products to Australian and International hospital and health services.

The Company is committed to implementing a philosophy coupled to a system where meticulous quality monitoring is a normal practice at all stages of operation.

As a Company procedure, Parker ensures that; the relationship between customer and supplier is maintained, that we work together towards continual improvement in the quality of care form Adults through to neonates and that we provide on-time delivery on all orders. By establishing open communications with our customers, we can understand their needs and expectations. This enables Parker to develop techniques and equipment to address the changing demands of our customers which promotes the continual improvement of its products, services and Quality Management System.

Quantifiable quality objectives are identified consistently with the quality policy. Management is committed to monitor and review the policy and objectives regularly and take timely action should the performance deviate from the set objectives.

Parker Healthcare Pty Ltd is totally committed to operating a quality system throughout the company and fully complies to the ISO9001.