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SISS Babycontrol Monitor SISS Babycontrol Monitor Non-touch Thermometer Neonatal Patient Monitor Non-contact Thermometer Blood & Infusion Warmers Neonatal Products Suction Regulators ECG Micro Neolead Ambulatory Monitor Disposable McCoy Style Blades Infant CPAP Kits BiPAP Circuits MICRO Size Neonate Armboards SCICAN G4 Series Autoclaves Non-contact Thermometer ATOM Dual Inci i Hybrid ATOM InfaWarmer i ATOM Incu i Incubator PARKER IV Arm Boards ATOM Bilitherapy Pads Laryngeal Masks Umbilical Clamps & Cutters COMEN STAR5000F COMEN C90 Modular Monitor Non-contact Thermometer Autopress Automatic Pressure Infusor Disposable Magil Forceps ATOM Sunflower Warmers Catheter Mounts with Suction Port PARKER Catheter Spigot SISS Babycontrol Monitor SISS Babycontrol Monitor

ATOM: Infant Incubators and Syringe Pumps, Oxygen monitors, Infant Warmers and Infant Resuscutation Trolleys

BIEGLER: Blood & Infusion Warmers and Extension Sets

COMWELD (C.I.G.): Oxygen Therapy Equipment

HEINEN + LOWENSTEIN: Neonatal Ventilation Specialists

HERSILL: Suction Regulators

MAXTEC: Oxygen Sensing, Analysis and Delivery

MEDIPLAS: Medical Plastic Respiratory Products

NEOTECH: Innovative Neonatal Products

SCICAN: STATIM Cassette Autoclaves & HYDRIM Instrument Washers

SECHRIST: Blenders, Ventilators & Ventilatory Equipment

SECUR-A-TAG: The Tamper-evident Writable Security Tag System

THERMOFOCUS: The World's First Non-Contact Thermometer

VIASYS - IMEX: Vascular & Obstetric Dopplers


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Manufacturers of Medical Grade Plastic Circuits & Components

Mediplas Respiratory Products Sdn Bhd manufacture a diverse range
of plastic respiratory components and equipment covering both Adult
and Neonatal segments of the Healthcare industry. These products
are utilised in the Anaesthesia, Infant Care, Emergency & Accident,
CSSD, ICU and Respiratory Care sections of hospitals throughout
the world.

Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and offices in Victoria, Australia,
Mediplas offer both local sales and exports to countries around the

Mediplas are dedicated to supplying high quality components tailored
to individual customer requirements.